Medical Clinic Specializing in Worker's Compensation in Visalia and Tulare, California

Examining - Rehabilitate in Visalia, CA
Since 1980, Valley Industrial and Family Medical Group, Inc. has served as a trusted employer based clinic partnering with companies across the State of California. As a licensed and certified medical clinic, we provide our patients with comprehensive occupational medical services to properly diagnose, treat, and rehabilitate.
Truck Driver - DOT Testing - Visalia, CA

Department of Transportation Testing

In compliance with the Federal Highway Administration, The Department of Transportation requires all drivers to take a mandatory controlled substance and alcohol abuse training class.
At Valley Industrial and Family Medical Group, Inc. we are a certified DOT testing center in Tulare and Kings County, California.

Treatment of Acute Injuries

As licensed and trained medical practitioners, we can treat every type of on-the-job-injuries including but not limited lacerations, burns, fractures, eye injuries, sprains, and chemical exposures.

Physical Examinations

Complete your annual, pre-placement exams, insurance, and more in office and with a flexible schedule.

Diagnostic Radiography

Valley Industrial and Family Medical Group, Inc. has on-site X-ray machine to assist providers in diagnosing and treating fractures or respiratory diseases all in the same visit.

Full Laboratory Services

As a full-service medical clinic, we can provide medical testing such as audiometry testing, visual testing, pulmonary function, Tuberculosis, and cholinesterase base line.
We also provide vaccinations for, but not limited to: Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Season Flu, Rabies, Tetanus, Diphtheria & Pertussis. Call today about how we can help you.

Comprehensive Drug Testing

As an increasing concern in the workplace, drug abuse and use can have a major impact on the employee and employer. To manage employee health, we offer comprehensive drug screening using methods such as NIDA drug screens, drug testing through hair analysis, STAT drug tests and Evidential Breath Alcohol Testing.

Quantitative Respirator Mask Fit Testing

As one of the few Quantitative Mask-Fit Centers in the San Joaquin Valley, Valley Industrial and Family Medical Group is able to provide quantitative testing for N95, half mask and full full face respirators.
X-Ray Testing - Medical Clinic - Visalia, CA
Nurse - Medical Clinic- Visalia, Ca

Agility Testing & Training Program

Let us help you promote safe work environments and behaviors when we demonstrate proper work techniques and allow the employee to participate. We call this preventative medicine.

Pulmonary Function Testing

OSHA required medical assessment and spirometry for respirator use; computerized reporting that meets OSHA/NIOSH standards.

Occupational Health Monitoring

Valley Industrial and Family Medical Group, Inc. offers occupational health monitoring tests for pesticide applicators like lead and heavy metals.


An EKG can help your employees monitor their overall health.

Pharmaceutical Services

Valley Industrial and Family Medical Group, Inc. has an on-site pharmacy for the convenience of providing select medications to its patients.

Random Drug & Alcohol Testing Consortium

The U.S. Department of Transportation requires that all drivers who hold a commercial driver's license to participate in a random drug and alcohol testing program. As the largest consortium service provider in King's County, California, we have the ability and certified staff to test your employees.

Vision and Hearing Screening

Our trained staff and technicians can complete your vision testing using comprehensive audiometric technology within a sound proof booth.
Vision Testing - Medical Clinic - Visalia, CA